Roundup Pro Max

On Tuesday, October 31st, 2017
Roundup Pro MAX is a herbicide that disrupts the leaves and moves into the origins of weeds quicker so that it can supply weed management, with practically no regrowth. If you spray Roundup on a pot, it’s consumed by the plant, in which it subsequently prevents the plant from producing its food and collecting nutrients to maintain itself. Roundup is then transported through the bud to kill the whole bud, roots and all. Roundup Promax has a smaller molecule size and a higher concentration of glyphosate (48.7%) than Roundup Pro. Roundup Pro and its generic equivalents that contain glyphosate are well known as systemic postemergence herbicides.

For those familiar with Roundup Pro or it’s generic Eraser (41% glyphosate), know they control a broad spectrum of weeds (annuals, perennials, woody brush, and trees) with very little re-growth. However, Roundup Pro Max gets to the root faster, so if it rains in an hour, you don’t have to worry. Round up Promax is rainfast in just 30 minutes. See Monsanto’s Rainfast Warranty.

Visible signs of treatment may not be visible for 1-4 days in annual weeds, and up to 7 or more days for perennials. Symptoms include a gradual wilting or yellowing followed by complete browning and deterioration of plant tissue and ultimate decomposition of the underground roots. Roundup Pro Max only works for plants that have emerged from the soil; it will not affect the seeds. Roundup ProMax has a higher concentration of active ingredient and a smaller molecule than old fashioned Roundup. This allows it to get into the plant quicker and it’s rainfast after only 30 minutes!

Use Recommendations
Trim and Edge
Use at the rate of 2 oz per gallon. Ideal to use where mechanical trimmers can’t go, such as fence lines, curbs, around the permiter of buildings.
Use at the rate of 2 oz per gallon. Hand weeding takes time. String trimmers disturb the mulch layer. Neither method attacks the roots. Roundup ProMax kills the roots and saves you time.
Turf Renovation
Use at the rate of 2 oz per gallon.Unlike mechanical renovation, which can bring seeds to the surface and make the problem worse, Roundup PROMax destroys the entire plant for long-lasting control. You can then re-seed or sod directly on treated areas.
Brush and Vines
(low volumn applications-5-9 oz per gallon)
Mechanical brush removal encourages even denser regrowth, while a single low volume application of Roundup PROMAX prevents regrowth because it’s absorbed into the roots of the weeds. It’s effective against a broad spectrum of tough brush, weeds and vine.
Tree Rings
Use at the rate of 2 oz per gallon.When you use Roundup PROMax to eliminate the weeds around tree trunks, the tree does not have to compete for food and water. In addition, the use of Roundup PROMax eliminates the damage that can be caused by string trimmers, which can remove bark and open the tree to insects and disease.
Dormant Turf Grass
Use at the rate of 5 to 44 ounces per Acre)
Roundup PROMax may be used to control or suppress many winter annual weeds and tall fescue for effective release of dormant bermudagrass and bahiagrass turf. Treat only when turf is dormant and prior to spring greenup. Roundup Pro Max